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With a qualified team with wide experience in large and complex works, PROSUL has in its technical collection airport terminals, control towers, water and sewage treatment plants, hospitals, schools, events center, administrative centers, stadiums of soccer, among other projects.

The works are elaborated in the most advanced digital platform, with three-dimensional analyzes of the solutions and with vision in the objective of the client, allowing the realization of the dreams of thousands of Brazilians.


The monitoring and supervision of the works guarantee their quality and execution in the requested time. PROSUL professionals have experience in the most diverse sectors of civil construction, such as hospitals, historic buildings, schools, event centers and buildings in general.

Supervision guarantees the client's accompaniment with comfort and security that the work will be according to the needs.

Tuning with development and proven experience

Residential Real Estate Developments
Industrial buildings
Football stadiums and sports complexes
Health centers
Penitentiaries, prisons and public jails
Event centers, cultural venues and theaters


Acoustic and Scenic Design

Architectural and Restoration Project


Structural Concrete and Structural Metal Project

Electrical Installation, Automation and Control Project

Energy Efficiency

Hydrosanitary Installation Project

Air Conditioning Project

Internal TV Circuit Design

Telephone / Logical Project

Landscaping and Urban Design Project

Sound Design

Supervision, Management and Supervision of Civil Works

Rainwater Retake and Reuse Project