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Looking for the development of innovative solutions and in accordance with the needs of the client, PROSUL elaborates its projects with the most advanced technologies in the market, with a highly trained and specialized team.

The development of infrastructure projects is already a tradition of the company, which has a team with extensive experience and uses equipment and specific software such as Microstation and Powercivil, allowing the study and selection of the best cost / benefit alternative.


For the planning of the most important works it is necessary to analyze the technical, economic and environmental aspects of each project. PROSUL has extensive experience in obtaining indicators that allow decision making very easily. The company has already prepared State Executive Plans, State Plans for Logistics and Transport, and Technical, Economic and Environmental Feasibility Studies throughout Brazil.

PROSUL has a highly specialized team to obtain the best results, using traffic modeling software such as VISUM and the HDM 4 program for economic analysis of the projects.


PROSUL works in the execution of coordination, supervision, quality control and support to the supervision of the activities of project design and execution of infrastructure works. The supervision and supervision of works are essential to guarantee the quality and durability of the projects as well as to ensure that deadlines are met, without sacrificing the guarantee of the quality of the works. With its own technological control, the consultant helps to solve the problems that arise, proposes adjustments and assists in the preparation of measurements, actively participating in the day-to-day work and assisting the client during the inspection.

Business Management

In the exclusive management contracts, PROSUL acts in the evaluation and study for the planning and management of the infrastructure; monitoring the development of transport infrastructure studies and the environmental program and their licenses; evaluation and studies for the preparation of budget proposals; physical-financial monitoring of the execution of contracts and works agreements, studies and projects of transport infrastructure, and environmental programs; advising on expropriation processes, developing activities such as registration, topographic survey, evaluations and documentation collection; issuing technical and administrative documents related to infrastructure engineering.


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Supervision, Management and Supervision of Infrastructure Works